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The role of academic competencies in the development of countries:

China has returned most of its scholars in developed countries such as America, Britain, Europe and Russia and supported them by paying them huge sums and investing their competencies and abilities dramatically in China itself. It has also recruited other academic scholars who are not Chinese to support its rapid development.

من دفتر الذكريات:

بقلم الدكتور ضياء السورملي

في عام 1973 في جامعة البصرة في قسم الرياضيات ، كانت مركبة العبارة النهرية تنقلنا من منطقة العشار إلى منطقة التنومة للذهاب الى الجامعة مجانا وكانت تصعد فيها سيارتان فقط .

الدكتور سليم الكتبي القادم حديثا من أميركا ، كان انيقا جدا وصاحب نكتة وابتسامة عريضة ، وكان يدرسنا مادة المنطق الرياضي ، في حينها كنت في المرحلة الجامعية الثانية وجالسا في الصف الامامي.

انتفاضة الشعب الكردي :

بقلم : الدكتور ضياء السورملي

عندما ينتفض الشعب الكردي ستحدث الكارثة المدمرة ، لن ينفع تخبط حكومة الإقليم واعوانها في إجراءاتها لأنهم يتنكرون ويسرقون رواتب وخبز الشعب.
يومها لن ينفع هروب القادة الحرامية ولا تنقذهم اموالهم لأن الشعب سيسحقهم .

أن سرقة رواتب الموظفين في كردستان ستجلب الويلات على حرامية حكام الإقليم و حرامية الحكومة الإتحادية .

أكثر من مليون ونصف عربي يسكنون الإقليم سيصبحون مشردين في يوم وليلة ولن يعرف نتائج هذه الإنتفاضة الجارفة الا من يكون في طاحونتها.
الاوضاع ساخنة جدا ان لم يتم تداركها بسرعة ستحل الكارثة حتما .

The uprising of the Kurdish people:

In the event of popular frenzy, the Kurdish people will rise up, and a devastating disaster will inevitably occur,
The confusion of the Kurdistan Regional Government and those working with them will not help in implementing cruel and arbitrary measures, especially since all officials deny stealing the salaries and food of the people.

Corrupt religious leaders in Iraq:

Let us start with the first corrupt cleric who speaks on behalf of Ali Al Sistani, the Supreme Authority of Religious Leaders in Najaf and Karbala, who these leaders are and how did they reach their illegal positions. One of them speaks in the name of the government, issues fatwas to it, represents the authorities , and delivers major speeches on their behalf.

We want to expose him and tell everyone that he is not a cleric, but he is the first corrupt and the supreme is and whoever represents them from the corrupt clerics.

A revolutionary dialogue:

My girlfriend asked me what the revolution is?
Killing, looting, dragging in the streets and liberating Palestine, I said.
Such as the revolution of July 14, 1958 in Iraq.
Then she asked me in amazement what the coup is?
Killing, looting, dragging in the streets and liberating Palestine, I said.
Such as the coups of February 8, 1962, and July 17, 1968 in Iraq.
Then what is the difference between a revolution and a coup in this case? She said.
They are both killing, looting, dragging in the streets and liberating Palestine! I said

Hate Crimes:

The term "hate crime" can be used to describe a set of criminal behavior where the motive for the commission of the crime is hostility or demonstrating hostility toward the victim's disability, race, religion, sexual orientation, or transgender identity.

These aspects of a person's identity are known as "protected characteristics". A hate crime can include verbal abuse, intimidation, threats, harassment, assault, bullying, and heinous massacres, as well as damage to property and buildings.

Shock theory:

Shock in the economic concept is to surprise you with the decision to fire you from work without prior warning, then followed by an absurd principle that begins with the word "but", you can stay and work with us if you wish, with the condition that your work is voluntary and free of charge until a new employment contract is arranged for you.

For those who have no experience in the economic process, this contract will be unfair, and your salary will have to be reduced to half or more, according to the terms and conditions of a new employment contract, which will be harder and more difficult.

The Governor of Duhok

We are sorry for the disappointment of the governor of Duhok, who bungles his teachers with a stick and severely beaten. The teachers, and not others who taught you, taught all our ancestors to seek knowledge from cradle to grave. Yes, the teachers, and not others, were silent about who granted you the position of governor. You have proven to us that you are not qualified in a government made up of insignificant leaders. Your days are short and you will no longer be the governor of the beloved Duhok

السرقة الكبرى :

بقلم الدكتور ضياء السورملي

اكبر سرقة في تاريخ العراق حدثت في زمن حكومة الدكتور أياد علاوي ، حيث أتهم وزير الدفاع حازم الشعلان ومجموعة من المسئولين من بينهم المتهم زياد القطان بسرقة اكثر من بليون دولار أميركي ، وقد انكر الشعلان التهمة .
لم تسترجع الأموال المسروقة علما إن وزير المالية في حينها الدكتور علي عبد الأمير علاوي وهو نفسه وزير المالية الحالي قد أقام دعوى قضائية في هذه القضية المهمة والحساسة .
بكل فخر أقول أنا كنت أول من كتب وفضح هذه السرقة واثارها إعلاميا

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