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State Administration:

Generally speaking, state administration in all levels of government systems, wise or discreet management with high scientific and professional specifications is required; It includes management, planning, organizing, implementing, reviewing, evaluating and merging organizations in joint business.

Governmental administration is an activity directed towards a supreme goal, the welfare and progress of society and the fulfillment of the requirements of industrial, commercial and agricultural development and all daily service areas.

The government's goals cannot be achieved if education, scientific and vital education are not activated in all its stages. The human development and human progress in society must be maintained and managed at all levels. The state's regulatory, legal and judicial apparatus should be characterized by absolute integrity

The administration definitely needs qualified leaders who are trained and have experience with technical and professional practice in their fields of specialization and one of its advantages is that the right person be in the right place at the right time.

Dr. Dhia Soramli