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Points and letters:

It is time to talk about the ten connected dots on ten Arabic letters that have not been connected to reach a government that rules Iraq.

The first point: the departure of all Iranian and Turkish agents who live in the Green Zone in Baghdad, we demand that each of them return to their village in their province and withdraw all the personnel that protect them.

The second point: All tangible and intangible wealth must be confiscated for all officials who have been illegally appointed their positions from the private ranks in the government to those who are general manager and above.

The third point: the arrest and trial of all those who are corrupt or impostors or counterfeiters according to the applicable Iraqi law.

The fourth point: Prohibit the wearing of turbans by false clerics and the return the civil dress to women in all state departments. It is important and a necessity that mosques and all religious facilities are multi-functional enabling kindergartens, primary schools, theaters and cultural centers.

The fifth point: collecting weapons from all non-military personnel, and forcing every armed person to plant a tree after handing over his weapon.

The sixth point: the abolition of all religious references in all Iraqi doctrines, the demobilization of all armed militias, and the removal of all tribal systems.

The seventh point: the establishment of diplomatic relations with all countries in accordance with international conventions, including Israel. Building and consolidating the pillars of civil peace in Iraq, provided that close and reciprocal cooperation takes place with all countries around the world.

The eighth point: the formation of a civil government run by ministers of bright minds, talent, scientific, medical, engineering and economic bodies in Iraq. Issuing administrative decisions and orders that work to return, with dignity and honor, those who were forced to flee their homes in Iraq.

The ninth point: the formation of three federal regions with Sunni, Shiite, and Kurdish sects.

The tenth point: A predetermined and definitive timeline to establish a unified confederate territory or for voluntary separation in Iraq, divided into three peacefully stable states.

Dr. Dhia Soramli