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Inadequate media outfall:

The sober media is characterized by the accuracy, sobriety and impartiality of the information and its source or who issued it, and also the purposeful media must be useful and not disorganized or sabotaged media.

Western media agencies rely in their reports on specialized research centres to analyse their news and the way information is presented. The specialized workers in these centres have the competence, experience and continuous training to follow up on the events directly and without delay.

Most media centres follow carefully studied policies, strategies and goals that are characterized by great scientific accuracy and most of them represent the policy of the country in which you work or the company that represents them, or the institutions that finance them within a specific and studied goal. The goal is the urgent need to seek to spread health, cultural or scientific awareness in many societies.

All discreet media organizations and their affiliates are subject to international law and local laws in effect in all countries of these institutions.

In general, most media organizations are impartial, reliable, and fast in reporting information. So that the correct news or information has a positive impact and contribute to achieving the beneficial goal. While the publication of fabricated and improper news and vague information will sabotage society and shake the credibility and integrity of the media institution, even if it is not recognized at the time, but it will be recognized for its lack of credibility and exposes its validity over time.

It is unfortunate to mention that the media establishment in Iraq and most of the media institutions in countries that have the same approach or pattern suffer from a lack of experience and confusion in conveying solid information or honest news, and we have noticed that media fall for many people and from respectable and honest personalities, this fall The media, in turn, had a clear impact on the current deterioration that made Iraqi society suffer from its consequences.

Iraq suffers from false information and harmful and systematic work in most of the programs presented without objection and rejection, which negatively affects the mentality of recipients of this news, unfortunately, most of the information is distorted and it is incorrect and fabricated in most of the time.
One of the clear examples is what we notice these days of an intense and fierce campaign to discredit respected personalities who are independent of people, for example clerics who are preferable from the Shiites or Sunnis in a systematic way. Also, large sums are spent on these programs.

The speeches of the clergy are distorted and highlighted as myths where fake speeches that have no clear meaning are pre-prepared and pasted and pasted in the name of the clergy in order to discredit them,
The people responsible for these dishonest acts are people who are disrespectful and have no knowledge of the press and the media except those distorted speeches that they practice performing, dressing the clergy 'clothes, wearing black or white turban and putting them on their heads, then parrot representation without meaning and contents and portraying themselves as respectable people .

Another example is the publication of incorrect news every day and by making a slight change in its vocabulary, such as changing the name of the city by the occurrence of an attack that was not actually original or changing the death toll or the date of the event, knowing that all of that information is for one event that is changed every time.
In addition, all these news are false and fabricated, or that this information is anonymous or issued by an important person who works as an official in the state and refuses to disclose his name.

Likewise, there are bad news published by sources against well-known political figures and intellectuals in order to discredit them. Also, publishing good news in order to raise the position of criminal figures in order to beautify their image, both types of news are far from the truth, and it is strange that the same authorities are returning and denying their news after several days in a process that indicates nothing but stupidity.

We hope that media professionals will reconsider the way information is circulated and news releases. It is important to use discreet international institutions and conduct training courses in order to develop competence and circulate honest and truthful information and prevent the passage of anything that is false and not beneficial to the safety and security of Iraqi society.

Dr. Dhia Kadhem
PhD Mathematical Operational Research