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Happy Birthday Captain Tom Moore:

Today is the thirtieth of April, 2020 the British pilot, Captain Tom Moore celebrates his 100th birthday, today he will receive a special congratulatory message from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, and today more than one hundred and forty thousand greeting cards have been received to him so far, also two British planes of the type that were Used by Captain Tom during World War II during his military service, the two planes flew this morning over his place a hundred times.

Why does all this hospitality and appreciation occur from everywhere in the world? The reason is very simple and that is what Captain Tom and his family, especially his daughter Hanna, decided to do. They decided to raise 1,000 pounds or $ 1,250 for a charitable organization supporting the National Health Services (NHS).

To achieve this goal, Captain Tom started walking in the yard of a public park in front of his house. He started walking with the assistant of a four-legged crutch walker to help him walk in all steps with determination and aspiration. He was looking forward to doing good work, helping charitable organizations, and help patients with corona virus and others.

 The family was greatly surprised when the donations reached in the first days more than five thousand pounds, the joy was great and the results are impressive and the smile is great on the face of the old man Tom, but he was determined to continue walking daily despite feeling tired.

The joy was great when the total donations from all over the world reached more than thirty million pounds, and this number is close to more than thirty-eight million dollars. This number is not a thousand pounds, it is millions of pounds.

Captain Tom More has become a national figure that represents a symbol of goodness and an incentive to help humanitarian service organizations, as many men, women, children and charitable organizations took the initiative to work with this initiative or devise similar ideas that have the same content by providing help and assistance to those who need it.

In conclusion, we say to Captain Tom Moore Happy Birthday and we wish you a good health and long life and may the Lord grant you success in serving the people and society.

Dr. Dhia Kadhem
PhD Mathematical Operational Research