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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexuals (LGBT) in Iraq:

During the international day of LGBT, the Iraqi people and the government of Iraq complain and denounce the raising of the homosexual flag at a few Embassies in Iraq.
Anyone who wants to understand the issue of homosexuality and the tragedies that have taken place against them, will probably reconsider this matter.
I think it is a complex issue not only in Iraq but in most Islamic countries, also this issue needs important decisions and great understanding in order to address their psychological, legal, health and moral status.
Homosexuals and lesbians must be protected, even if they are considered unwanted group. Also, it is not permissible to physically or verbally attack on them and to throw or pushing them from high buildings, as happened in the Iraqi cities of Mosul, Tikrit and Anbar at the time of ISIS, or as they were physically assaulted and hit their heads with rock in Baghdad and some southern provinces.

I am not in a position to defend them, but we have learned here in Britain, in European countries and in most countries of the world that it is a matter of respect for all of us whether the people are homosexuals or not, but as we know also, that LGBT people are responsible for themselves and their families have the right to defend them and protect them from all attacks of any kind. They have rights and duties like others and they are under the protection of the law.
We do not hide secrets, among gay people there are figures of both sexes who have an important and long history in politics, artistic figures, musicians and athletes.
And many may not expect that their numbers have started to increase dramatically until they influence the balance of the elections and the formation of governments subject to their influences on politics and public opinion.
Perhaps many of them still do not express their sexual orientation openly or explicitly, but the issue of homosexuals of both sexes has become widely accepted in the world and is closer to becoming a temporary or permanent affection.
I invite physicians, psychologists, and behavioral specialists in Iraq and Islamic countries to highlight this phenomenon and highlight it to the general public to know the scientific facts about this topic.
I also invite specialists in Iraq who refused gay people to submit their solutions or proposals to remedy this phenomenon and to reveal to us the numbers that exist in their countries and the correct and scientific ways of dealing with them.
The Iraqi government has important duties and it has to take the matter carefully and in-depth study in order to preserve human dignity, regardless of the beliefs, gender and nationality of people, away from emotion, away from radicalized religion and the clergy speeches, there are many homosexuals in Iraq who are afraid to reveal their homosexuality, and there are others who do not In declaring their commands in anticipation of the punishment and cruel traditions of society.

Dr Dhia Kadhem
PhD Mathematical Operational Research