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Short story:

One of my friends went to one of the government departments to fulfil his appointment requirement in the state departments, knowing that he belongs to the main party who is ruling the government. My friend raised his hands high by praying and asking the mighty Lord. He said in a loud voice, I pray to you, O Lord, to send me someone who can accept bribes and complete my work as I lost my confident in all people, and you, my Lord, are the best who cn rely on him.

My friend was surprised by more than a dozen employees who are seemed to be marked with venerability. There are signs of religion engraved in the form of a tattoo, look like a lid of a Pepsi-Cola bottle on their foreheads and thick beard covering their faces. All of them approached the man, they complimented him and greeted him for his supplication, and that God had answered his prayers. They acted as if they are brokers and began negotiating with him about the amount of money he wanted to pay. The surprise was after five minutes most of them evaporated because the required amount of money was not sufficient.
Do you know how much was required ? Fifteen thousand dollars, while the supplicant expected to pay one hundred and fifty dollars.
Oh God, could you please support all the Muslim, men and women in this blessed month of Ramadan and to make the bribery is permissible (Halal), said the man.
Oh Lord, please make every lawful work to be impermissible and forbidden (Heram). You are the most merciful, God of the worlds.

Dr. Dhia Kadhem
Mathematical Operational Research