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Dearat Efach

One of my friends asked me today, what will you do after lifting the ban on coronavirus?
I laughed sarcastically, and told him I will work as a shoemaker in the town of Efach!
My friend was surprised by the answer and he said, why? My response was that Mr. Hoshyar Zebari who is the uncle of Mr. Masood Berzani, worked as the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Iraq and his specialization was in sociology, then after several years he was appointed as a Minister of Finance in Iraqi Government .
Mr. Zebari is known for his skillful player and participant in the famous gambling clubs in the world. Minister of Finance but he is a gambling player!
Then, it is the turn of Mr. Fouad Hussein, the office manager of Mr. Masood Berzani. Mr. Fouad’s specialty was an interpreter and he studied constitutional law. He was appointed first as Iraqi finance minister, and after about a year in a failed government, he was appointed an Iraqi foreign minister in the government of Mustafa Al Kazmi.
Now it is my turn. I specialize in mathematics and I am holding a PhD in Operations Research, I am thinking that I will work as a shoemaker in the town of Dearat Efach, a miserable Iraqi town in a rich oil country whose people are poor and all of them are barefoot, I will work there in solidarity with the poor people of Dearat Efach.

Dr Dhia Kadhem
Mathematical Operational Research