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Shock theory:

Shock in the economic concept is to surprise you with the decision to fire you from work without prior warning, then followed by an absurd principle that begins with the word "but", you can stay and work with us if you wish, with the condition that your work is voluntary and free of charge until a new employment contract is arranged for you.

For those who have no experience in the economic process, this contract will be unfair, and your salary will have to be reduced to half or more, according to the terms and conditions of a new employment contract, which will be harder and more difficult.

They will remind you several times that you are basically fired from work and if you reject the conditions presented to you and their specifications, they will tell you that the door is wide open in front of you, and it can also expand a herd of camels, cows and mules, they will say it in front of you without shame and respect even if you were one of the founders of the company that worked With it all your life.

What is important for the company is to sow despair in your life and entity, and then you are subject to approval of all unfair conditions that are forced upon you
The best example of this is what is happening today from the expulsion of pilots and workers in British Airways in large numbers and other workers in service institutions, commercial markets and restaurants in Britain under the pretext of economic recession, the Corona pandemic and other justifications, which are ready at all times.

Dr Dhia Kadhem
PhD Mathematical Operational Research