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A revolutionary dialogue:

My girlfriend asked me what the revolution is?
Killing, looting, dragging in the streets and liberating Palestine, I said.
Such as the revolution of July 14, 1958 in Iraq.
Then she asked me in amazement what the coup is?
Killing, looting, dragging in the streets and liberating Palestine, I said.
Such as the coups of February 8, 1962, and July 17, 1968 in Iraq.
Then what is the difference between a revolution and a coup in this case? She said.
They are both killing, looting, dragging in the streets and liberating Palestine! I said
However, the July revolution was led by General Abdul Karim Qasim, and the coup was led by the leader’s friend, Qasim, the so-called General Abdul Salam Aref, and General Ahmad Hassan Al Baker
My girlfriend, who is known to talk a lot, did not stop and said
Then what the current stage of the government called?
After I was impatient with her, I said.
It is called the stage of peoples' liberation!
It is also killing, looting and dragging in the streets, and the liberation of Palestine, in addition to assassinations with a silencer.
As for the leaders of liberation, they are the ones who put turbans on their heads from the impostors and thieves who claimed to be Muslims. In addition to all their followers and friends who are clients of America, Britain, France, Germany and Russia.
My girlfriend is impatient this time and she said what the solution in your opinion is?
Reforming electricity in the country, paying attention to national education, developing the national economy, and leaving Palestine to be liberated by the Palestinians. And after that, the people should practice their religious rituals in their homes freely and safely. We do not need to slap the chests and we do not need squeaky loudspeakers in the mosques, I said.

Dr Dhia Kadhem
PhD Mathematical Operational Research