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Corrupt religious leaders in Iraq:

Let us start with the first corrupt cleric who speaks on behalf of Ali Al Sistani, the Supreme Authority of Religious Leaders in Najaf and Karbala, who these leaders are and how did they reach their illegal positions. One of them speaks in the name of the government, issues fatwas to it, represents the authorities , and delivers major speeches on their behalf.

We want to expose him and tell everyone that he is not a cleric, but he is the first corrupt and the supreme is and whoever represents them from the corrupt clerics.

He must first, before speaking about corruption and corrupt people, he must speak about himself and he must hand over all his cars and his protection cars belonging to the state if he claims to be a respectable man and a cleric with lofty ideals.

We ask and he should tell us about a full disclosure of his movable and immovable money, and we want him to reveal to us the money that Muslims donate, which is the amount of one-fifth of what they own. These donations are from poor people. We want to know.

Where did this money go and who are the robbers? I personally challenge him to prove to us that what he said in his last sermon was the words of his supreme authority, Ali Al-Sistani, and the important question is is it difficult for Ali al-Sistani to deliver his speech at this important stage.

Unfortunately, corruption has reached all turbaned men without exception. The cleric who does not issue a fatwa prohibiting hitting heads with swords must first hit his head with the sword and remove the turban from his head and remain without a turban.

The people will trample on all of your turbans by their feet, because you have become symbols of corruption, backwardness and reaction and have brought Iraq back to the era of backwardness.

Damn you and the backward parties that follow you. Those parties that came in the name of religion and practiced hypocrisy and deceit, worked to destroy Iraq and deliberately contributed to planting ignorance among simple and naive people. They came to theft, carrying a false aura of the teachings of religion. The oppressed people are now simmering and they will throw you in the dustbin of history.

Dr Dhia Kadhem
PhD Mathematical Operational Research