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The uprising of the Kurdish people:

In the event of popular frenzy, the Kurdish people will rise up, and a devastating disaster will inevitably occur,
The confusion of the Kurdistan Regional Government and those working with them will not help in implementing cruel and arbitrary measures, especially since all officials deny stealing the salaries and food of the people.

On that day, the escape of the thieving leaders will not help, nor will their money save them, because the people will crush them.
The theft of employees ’salaries in Kurdistan will bring scourge and terror to the thieves of the region’s rulers, as well as the thievery of the federal government.

More than a million and a half Arabs who live in the region will become homeless overnight and the results of this sweeping and catastrophic uprising will only be known by those in its mill.

The situation is very hot and accelerating in a manner that raises fear. If it is not stopped to prevent it from occurring or quickly corrected, the disaster will remain unresolved.

Dr Dhia Kadhem
PhD Mathematical Operational Research