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The role of academic competencies in the development of countries:

China has returned most of its scholars in developed countries such as America, Britain, Europe and Russia and supported them by paying them huge sums and investing their competencies and abilities dramatically in China itself. It has also recruited other academic scholars who are not Chinese to support its rapid development.

Because of this successful strategy, China transformed from a country that expelled its competencies to a country incubating them, and at high speed it transformed from a backward and poor country to a wealthy superpower.
While in most countries that expel their scientific competencies and people specializing in various disciplines, as well as the wealthy and capital owners who live outside their homelands, these countries, for example, have been classified under the category of non-developed countries, such as Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Gulf countries, Turkey and Syria.

Iraq, for example, calls its scientific competencies present in developed countries inappropriate characteristics such as those with dual nationalities and refuses to deal with them legally and respectfully, and even refuses them to return to their homeland, and even puts obstacles in the way of not achieving their return to their original homeland.

More than five thousand doctors are present and work with dedication and high efficiency in Britain alone, for example, and many numbers of specialists and consultants in the rest of the developed countries, and there is also a huge number of engineers and administrators with subtle specialties added to them, there are no ways, strategies, or political visions Encourages or supports their return to interaction and integration in their homeland, and this situation also applies to the Kurdistan region.

The replacement of advanced cadres internally and externally who possess experience and competencies with backward and corrupt elements or corrupt persons who forge their academic degrees or who are inexperienced and ineffective is an important evidence and a catalyst for the rapid decline of the state and its disintegration and the frightening dissolution of values ​​and morals in it. This is an important factor among many other factors that perpetuate, increase or accelerate the backwardness and regression of the state system in a large and rapid way.

Dr Dhia Kadhem
PhD Mathematical Operational Research