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Restoration of the Kurdish House:

By: Dr Dhia Kadhem

It is important to restore the Kurdish house, especially after the internal and external repercussions. The mutual meetings between the various parties in order to unify the Kurdish community in all its sects and parties. The mutual meetings between the President of the Iraqi Republic, Mr. Barham Salih and the President of the Kurdistan Region, Mr. Nechirvan Barzani, on the one hand, and the meeting of the President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Mr. Masoud Barzani, with the President of the Republic, held such meetings are important for all parties.

The task will lead to positive goals, such dialogues will help solve the financial, economic and administrative problems between the regional government on the one hand and the central government on the other hand. It also has great importance in bringing the different parties ’approaches closer together, especially between the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the National Union Party.

Meetings and mutual understandings have many positive and important advantages, especially when they are directly and influential in community service.

We call on all the conflicting parties in Kurdistan to increase dialogue and reach reasonable convergences to serve the Kurdish people and society, and on this occasion we call on leaders in the Kurdish parties, in the regional government and members of the Kurdish parliament to reconsider their previous positions and to work productively for the welfare of the Kurdish community in all its classes and sects.

We call for the issuance of a general amnesty and the reduction of sentences against politicians, journalists and opinion-holders opposed to the government, and we also demand the promotion of education in all its stages and the solution to the problem of employees' salaries and the payment of the debt owed to the regional government as soon as possible.

It is important to raise the health standard of the poor and destitute people, and to raise the injustices that have afflicted them as a result of a long period of violence and poverty that prevailed in Kurdish society in general.