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In memory of Theresa May's farewell:

By: Dr Dhia Kadhem

Former British Prime Minister Mrs. Theresa May announced this morning, two years ago, her resignation from the leadership of the Conservative Party, the presidency of the government, and the leadership of the negotiating team on leaving the European Union.

She said she informed the Queen of Britain about her decision to resign. Theresa May called us in tears in an emotionally provocative position, the second woman to be appointed Prime Minister after Mrs. Margaret Thatcher.

Theresa May did not submit her resignation of her own free will, but this decision was one of the two things. The first was to announce the resignation herself or the second to vote on her removal by vote. She definitely chose to go out with her head raised, although she was very agonizing because she believed that she had done everything she could sincerely, but her project ended with dissatisfaction or success and she must respond to what she faced of strong opposition that forced her to resign.
Goodbye, Theresa May, and her goodness