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Corrupt religious leaders in Iraq:

Let us start with the first corrupt cleric who speaks on behalf of Ali Al Sistani, the Supreme Authority of Religious Leaders in Najaf and Karbala, who these leaders are and how did they reach their illegal positions. One of them speaks in the name of the government, issues fatwas to it, represents the authorities , and delivers major speeches on their behalf.

We want to expose him and tell everyone that he is not a cleric, but he is the first corrupt and the supreme is and whoever represents them from the corrupt clerics.

A revolutionary dialogue:

My girlfriend asked me what the revolution is?
Killing, looting, dragging in the streets and liberating Palestine, I said.
Such as the revolution of July 14, 1958 in Iraq.
Then she asked me in amazement what the coup is?
Killing, looting, dragging in the streets and liberating Palestine, I said.
Such as the coups of February 8, 1962, and July 17, 1968 in Iraq.
Then what is the difference between a revolution and a coup in this case? She said.
They are both killing, looting, dragging in the streets and liberating Palestine! I said

Hate Crimes:

The term "hate crime" can be used to describe a set of criminal behavior where the motive for the commission of the crime is hostility or demonstrating hostility toward the victim's disability, race, religion, sexual orientation, or transgender identity.

These aspects of a person's identity are known as "protected characteristics". A hate crime can include verbal abuse, intimidation, threats, harassment, assault, bullying, and heinous massacres, as well as damage to property and buildings.

Shock theory:

Shock in the economic concept is to surprise you with the decision to fire you from work without prior warning, then followed by an absurd principle that begins with the word "but", you can stay and work with us if you wish, with the condition that your work is voluntary and free of charge until a new employment contract is arranged for you.

For those who have no experience in the economic process, this contract will be unfair, and your salary will have to be reduced to half or more, according to the terms and conditions of a new employment contract, which will be harder and more difficult.

The Governor of Duhok

We are sorry for the disappointment of the governor of Duhok, who bungles his teachers with a stick and severely beaten. The teachers, and not others who taught you, taught all our ancestors to seek knowledge from cradle to grave. Yes, the teachers, and not others, were silent about who granted you the position of governor. You have proven to us that you are not qualified in a government made up of insignificant leaders. Your days are short and you will no longer be the governor of the beloved Duhok

George Floyd

I do not understand what is happening in this world
Terrible things happen by horrible people.. Racism is also another type of pandemic
When I saw the neck of George Floyd under the knee of the police , I felt that I am black like George.

Dearat Efach

One of my friends asked me today, what will you do after lifting the ban on coronavirus?
I laughed sarcastically, and told him I will work as a shoemaker in the town of Efach!
My friend was surprised by the answer and he said, why? My response was that Mr. Hoshyar Zebari who is the uncle of Mr. Masood Berzani, worked as the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Iraq and his specialization was in sociology, then after several years he was appointed as a Minister of Finance in Iraqi Government .

Short story:

One of my friends went to one of the government departments to fulfil his appointment requirement in the state departments, knowing that he belongs to the main party who is ruling the government. My friend raised his hands high by praying and asking the mighty Lord. He said in a loud voice, I pray to you, O Lord, to send me someone who can accept bribes and complete my work as I lost my confident in all people, and you, my Lord, are the best who cn rely on him.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexuals (LGBT) in Iraq:

During the international day of LGBT, the Iraqi people and the government of Iraq complain and denounce the raising of the homosexual flag at a few Embassies in Iraq.
Anyone who wants to understand the issue of homosexuality and the tragedies that have taken place against them, will probably reconsider this matter.
I think it is a complex issue not only in Iraq but in most Islamic countries, also this issue needs important decisions and great understanding in order to address their psychological, legal, health and moral status.
Homosexuals and lesbians must be protected, even if they are considered unwanted group. Also, it is not permissible to physically or verbally attack on them and to throw or pushing them from high buildings, as happened in the Iraqi cities of Mosul, Tikrit and Anbar at the time of ISIS, or as they were physically assaulted and hit their heads with rock in Baghdad and some southern provinces.

Happy Birthday Captain Tom Moore:

Today is the thirtieth of April, 2020 the British pilot, Captain Tom Moore celebrates his 100th birthday, today he will receive a special congratulatory message from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, and today more than one hundred and forty thousand greeting cards have been received to him so far, also two British planes of the type that were Used by Captain Tom during World War II during his military service, the two planes flew this morning over his place a hundred times.

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