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Inadequate media outfall:

The sober media is characterized by the accuracy, sobriety and impartiality of the information and its source or who issued it, and also the purposeful media must be useful and not disorganized or sabotaged media.

Western media agencies rely in their reports on specialized research centres to analyse their news and the way information is presented. The specialized workers in these centres have the competence, experience and continuous training to follow up on the events directly and without delay.

Most media centres follow carefully studied policies, strategies and goals that are characterized by great scientific accuracy and most of them represent the policy of the country in which you work or the company that represents them, or the institutions that finance them within a specific and studied goal. The goal is the urgent need to seek to spread health, cultural or scientific awareness in many societies.

All discreet media organizations and their affiliates are subject to international law and local laws in effect in all countries of these institutions.

Crude oil and the optimum global economy:

The oil prices are expected to drop to the level of ten dollars a barrel or less. This drop in oil prices will completely change the balance of economic forces.

India has a population of one and a third of a billion people, declares a curfew, as well as China and many other countries, which means not to use oil or dispense with its use even for a limited period (not to use cars, planes, and not to operate or stop industrial factories, etc.)

Aviation stopped at most airports in the world, which means stopping the consumption of gasoline.

Points and letters:

It is time to talk about the ten connected dots on ten Arabic letters that have not been connected to reach a government that rules Iraq.

The first point: the departure of all Iranian and Turkish agents who live in the Green Zone in Baghdad, we demand that each of them return to their village in their province and withdraw all the personnel that protect them.

The second point: All tangible and intangible wealth must be confiscated for all officials who have been illegally appointed their positions from the private ranks in the government to those who are general manager and above.

State Administration:

Generally speaking, state administration in all levels of government systems, wise or discreet management with high scientific and professional specifications is required; It includes management, planning, organizing, implementing, reviewing, evaluating and merging organizations in joint business.

Governmental administration is an activity directed towards a supreme goal, the welfare and progress of society and the fulfillment of the requirements of industrial, commercial and agricultural development and all daily service areas.

Ali Baba

I love the protocol of chaos in Kurdistan and the historical story of Ali Baba and the 4000 thieves in Iraq. Megalomania or paranoia is the only good relation among our leaders. Leaders of government, parties and religious clerics will not leave their seats only if they are passing away.

The 5 Ps of Success

The 5 Ps of Success – Proper- Planning- Prevents- Poor- Performance
“He who fails to plan, plans to fail.”  – Proverb -

Dance like a bird

When kings are passing away all the birds will dance for free !
Who are the kings to scare all birds. Why the birds are scared?
No worries, kings will pass away and all birds continue dancing. That's life !
Always dance like birds. Forget about kings.

Auto class teaching :

Dealing with numbers and mathematics are much easier than struggling with three different Kurdish dialects and three different languages all in one class and in a zero brain zone !
What do we mean by zero brain zone?
Zero brain zone means the brain is not in the head. It is hidden in some other unknown places. May be secret places or dirty places!


1. I love the exam that makes me high
sometimes sleep sometimes fly

2. I hope people will go for welfare and not to warfare.

Creative chaos:

The painter Pablo Picasso once said, "An act of art begins as an act of destruction," which describes the phenomenon known as "creative chaos" quite well.

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