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False Sovereignty in Iraq

By Dr Dhia Kadhem

For more than two decades, Turkish and Iranian aircraft and artillery have bombed villages and border areas in Kurdistan, and we still hear that sovereignty is great and undiminished!

We did not hear a voice of condemnation or even a single discontent voice speaking about the violation of Iraq's sovereignty and protesting against the killing of defenseless civilians by the Kurds.

I laughed when I saw a big marathon jogging to meet the American President, Mr. Trump, at the Davos Economic Forum. Trump, who visited Iraq in a purely American camp, where this camp is considered a far cry from the sovereignty inside Iraq? Trump also did not visit or meet any of the statesmen or dignitaries, such as the President of the Republic of Iraq or the Prime Minister!

I just ask the proponents of the theory of sovereignty, will foreign military personnel and experts enter Iraq officially? Did the US President and his accompanying delegation enter Iraq officially and from official crossing points, or did they fly to their military bases inside Iraq in force against those who accept or who do not accept?

I believe that the issue is very inverted and there is no sovereignty, but rather the opposite. For everyone who claims sovereignty or wants sovereignty, we tell him, the wall is still standing for everyone who wants to hit his head with it, and the door is still expanding sentences for those who hold the honor of sovereignty.