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Refugee's drawning

By : Dr Dhia Kadhem

The number of refugees who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, from 2014 to 2021, reached a total of 16,755 people. Also, the number of those who drowned and no trace was found is more than 18,000. All of them are victims of international conflicts, and other political, economic and intellectual factors

Peace call in Yemen

I call on the King Salman bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia and Prince Mohammed bin Salman to take the initiative and take the bold decision to announce the cessation of war on Yemen and to build bridges of peace with the Yemeni people.

Dr Dhia Kadhem


By: Dr Dhia Kadhem

To all those who are concerned about the aggressors against the people of Yemen, those who are not disciplined by time will be disciplined by Yemen

الى جميع من يهمهم الأمر من المعتدين على شعب اليمن ، من لم يؤدبهم الزمن ستؤدبهم اليمن

Hurricane Medican

By: Dr Dhia Kadhem

Hurricane Medican hits southern Italy due to heavy rain and turns the streets into rivers where cars swim. Two people died and there were injuries as well. It is expected that rain will continue in the following days, as a state of emergency was declared on the island of Sicily.

إعصار مديكان يضرب جنوب إيطاليا بسبب الامطار الغزيرة ويحول الشوارع إلى أنهار تسبح فيها السيارات ، توفي اثنان وهناك جرحى كذلك . ويتوقع أن يستمر هطول الامطار في الأيام التالية حيث تم اعلان حالة الطوارئ في جزيرة صقلية .

Nature's disaster

By: Dr Dhia Kadhem
Heavy rain and severe flooding hit
large areas in southwest Scotland. The wrath of nature would be devastating if we did not respect its laws. Work must be done to strengthen infrastructure and coexist peacefully with nature.

أمطار غزيرة وفيضانات وسيول جارفة تجتاح مناطق واسعة في جنوب غرب أسكوتلندة . إن غضب الطبيعة سيكون مدمرا أن لم نحترم قوانينها. يتوجب العمل على تقوية البنى التحتية و التعايش بسلام مع الطبيعة.

Pray at your home

By: Dr Dhia Kadhem
أدعو إلى غلق جميع المساجد والحسينيات والجوامع والمرافق الدينية جميعا و تحويلها الى مدارس ومسارح ودور حضانة ورعاية ألايتام أو مستوصفات ومن يريد الصلاة عليه ان يصلي في بيته

I am calling to close all kind of mosques and religious institutions and converting them into schools, theaters, nurseries, orphanages, or clinics. Anyone wants to pray , homes are the best places.

Correpted leaders

By : Dr Dhia Kadhem
القيادات التي تسرق رواتب موظفيها في العراق وإقليم كردستان هي قيادات فاسدة وعلى الشعب معاقبة وطرد الفاسدين والمرتشين والحرامية سراق رواتب و قوت الشعب

The leaders who steal the salaries of their employees in Iraq and the Kurdistan region are corrupt leaders and the people must punish and expel the corrupt, the bribed and the thieves who steal the people’s salaries and food.

Iraqi election scandal

By: Dr Dhia Kadhem

After the resounding scandal of electoral fraud, the countdown has begun with the end of the godfather of fraud, Barham Salih and his team, Mustafa Al-Kazemi and Muhammad Al-Halbousi, and the fall of the throne of the insane Muqtada Al-Saadr.

بعد الفضيحة المدوية لتزوير الإنتخابات ، لقد بدأ العد التنازلي بنهاية عراب التزوير برهم صالح وفريقه مصطفى الكاظمي و محمد الحلبوسي وسقوط عرش المخبول مقتدى الصدر .

Ugly ruling

By: Dr. Dhia Kadhem

Masrour Barzani hides his ugly judgment and prejudice against university professors, and teachers who cut their salaries and put them in his prisons by performing and receiving the outstanding students in Kurdistan universities in an attempt to improve his image.

مسرور البارزاني يخفي حكمه القبيح وتحامله ضد اساتذة الجامعات والمعلمين والمدرسين الذين قطع رواتبهم وزجهم في سجونه بقيامه بتمثيلية إستقباله الطلبة المتفوقين في جامعات كردستان في محاوله لتحسين صورته.

Shallow nations

Shallow nations are characterized by their shallow peoples and leaderships over a long period of time.

While the high-end peoples are characterised by cohesion, intelligence, and the change of their unique national leadership for long periods of rule.

When high-end peoples suffer the setbacks of wars, they are likely to be controlled by ediot, petty or reactionary leaders who will live on and benefit from the repercussions of long-term wars.

تتميز الشعوب الضحلة بضحالة قيادتها على مدى طويل من الزمن .

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