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Community Leadership

By: Dr Dhia Kadhem

Leadership is not only a title or a title that is given to a person in order to be proud of, leadership in the society, leadership of a state, leadership of an organization or a party represents a set of practices that produce behaviors that you do with people, not to please people.


By: Dr Dhia Kadhem

Oh snakes of corruption!
Steal what you want
We have it for you tomorrow with difficult account
You will never enjoy millions of haram and currption
The face of your honorable did not change, it is still a face of pig
That the honorary if he got up and rose up
He doesn't care if he touches it cold or very hot
And from the birds we learned to fight
And in our paths
Sometimes on the highest domes we stoop
And sometimes in the sky we fly

Pakistan and Taliban

By : Dr Dhia Kadhem

Pakistan has a population of more than 220 million and owns nuclear reactors, which is the important depth and support for Talaban and Al-Qaeda as well, and that bin Laden was his incubator in Pakistan and his source is from Saudi Arabia and US had supported him at one stage of his life. The Taliban movement is purely Islamic, and its orientations are Islamic, and it is not surprising that the Afghans rule over Afghanistan.

Special culture

By: Dr Dhia Kadhem

Screaming and crying is a special culture for thier owners!
An important feature of some is the screaming, the yelling and the shriek in their discussion sessions, in television seminars, while traveling and when using the public transportation, when talking on the phone, and even when they are talking to themselves and while they are sleeping in their grave


Dr Dhia Kadhem

They saved him from death by drowning near one of the remote islands, and when he woke up from his coma, he raised his head and said, “Where am I?” They told him on a remote island, he said, “Is there a government?” They said yes, he said, “I am against this government.” Shame on someone praising himself today. I am against the English team, and I support the Italian team.

Racism and hate

Racism and hate:
Britain needs a long way to get rid of the racism and hatred that is ingrained in society. The beginning is to change the political strategies and clean the minds of officials and ministers.

G7 summit

By : Dhia Kadhem

The leaders of the G7 summit are required to deal with the Corona pandemic as an urgent global task. The principle of dealing with the rest of the world as a charitable association and providing limited assistance to it should not be accepted. Integration, interdependence and international cooperation are important in order to address and get rid of the Corona pandemic .

Short story:

By : Dr Dhia Kadhem

I was with my friend in a crowded public bus. Suddenly someone's phone rang and a loud shriek began. He took out a small rag and spread it in front of the entrance and exit door and began to pray amid the astonishment of the passengers.
My friend turned and told me what do you think of him, I smiled and said to him in a low voice
"Tayeh al-Sabbagh is an impostor".

In memory of Theresa May's farewell:

By: Dr Dhia Kadhem

Former British Prime Minister Mrs. Theresa May announced this morning, two years ago, her resignation from the leadership of the Conservative Party, the presidency of the government, and the leadership of the negotiating team on leaving the European Union.

She said she informed the Queen of Britain about her decision to resign. Theresa May called us in tears in an emotionally provocative position, the second woman to be appointed Prime Minister after Mrs. Margaret Thatcher.

Restoration of the Kurdish House:

By: Dr Dhia Kadhem

It is important to restore the Kurdish house, especially after the internal and external repercussions. The mutual meetings between the various parties in order to unify the Kurdish community in all its sects and parties. The mutual meetings between the President of the Iraqi Republic, Mr. Barham Salih and the President of the Kurdistan Region, Mr. Nechirvan Barzani, on the one hand, and the meeting of the President of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Mr. Masoud Barzani, with the President of the Republic, held such meetings are important for all parties.

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