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Happy Qala Dza Martyr Day

Today is the memory of the Qala Dza massacre that took place on April 24, 1974 in the city of Qala Dza in Kurdistan, Iraq.
The weather was cold, rain did not stop, and the snow covered the peaks of the mountains surrounding the Martyrs Valley (Doli Shahidan) in the city of Qala Dza, located in the far northeast of Iraq.

Excitement, movement and activity were taking place everywhere in this small city that received students from the University of Sulaimanya and all those who had emigrated from their universities because of the brutality and barbarism that was practiced by the governmental repression apparatus against Arabs and Kurds in general and against all those who demand freedom and sing for peace.

False Sovereignty in Iraq

By Dr Dhia Kadhem

For more than two decades, Turkish and Iranian aircraft and artillery have bombed villages and border areas in Kurdistan, and we still hear that sovereignty is great and undiminished!

We did not hear a voice of condemnation or even a single discontent voice speaking about the violation of Iraq's sovereignty and protesting against the killing of defenseless civilians by the Kurds.

Love in Secret :

Dr. Dhia Kadhem

When we get old
And time passes us by
Even our Queen became bored
Of decree, guards
Servants of palaces.
Our Queen definitely hates protocols
She also hates immoral merchants

From my notebook:

By : Dr Dhia Kadhem

In 1978 I traveled to India to study a master's degree on my own after getting accepted in the Faculty of Mathematics, Department of Operations Research, University of Delhi.

Upon my arrival in Delhi, I witnessed the tragedy of a hurricane that struck the Indian capital, demolishing buildings and overturning buses.

The study began in July. The college held a reception for us, and the number of students in the department was about fifty students.

Effects of corruption:

By Dr Dhia Kadhem

When corruption occurs and penetrates, it affects all regions of the world and all levels of society, but the impact is greater in developing countries due to the weakness of appropriate measures to prevent and combat it, while its impact is less dangerous in developed societies due to the high seriousness and solid scientific.

Baghdad and London:

Dr Dhia Kadhem

When I visited Baghdad last year in September 2019. A close friend of mine asked me, how was your opinion about ​​Baghdad and how could you compare it to London. I smiled in his face and told him Baghdad, the Citadel of Lions, which is similar to London in terms of crowded transportation, but there are slight differences, for example, there are no checkpoints or bumps in the streets of London, just as we do not have people disturb others with obsessions and screams.

The role of academic competencies in the development of countries:

China has returned most of its scholars in developed countries such as America, Britain, Europe and Russia and supported them by paying them huge sums and investing their competencies and abilities dramatically in China itself. It has also recruited other academic scholars who are not Chinese to support its rapid development.

The uprising of the Kurdish people:

In the event of popular frenzy, the Kurdish people will rise up, and a devastating disaster will inevitably occur,
The confusion of the Kurdistan Regional Government and those working with them will not help in implementing cruel and arbitrary measures, especially since all officials deny stealing the salaries and food of the people.

Corrupt religious leaders in Iraq:

Let us start with the first corrupt cleric who speaks on behalf of Ali Al Sistani, the Supreme Authority of Religious Leaders in Najaf and Karbala, who these leaders are and how did they reach their illegal positions. One of them speaks in the name of the government, issues fatwas to it, represents the authorities , and delivers major speeches on their behalf.

We want to expose him and tell everyone that he is not a cleric, but he is the first corrupt and the supreme is and whoever represents them from the corrupt clerics.

A revolutionary dialogue:

My girlfriend asked me what the revolution is?
Killing, looting, dragging in the streets and liberating Palestine, I said.
Such as the revolution of July 14, 1958 in Iraq.
Then she asked me in amazement what the coup is?
Killing, looting, dragging in the streets and liberating Palestine, I said.
Such as the coups of February 8, 1962, and July 17, 1968 in Iraq.
Then what is the difference between a revolution and a coup in this case? She said.
They are both killing, looting, dragging in the streets and liberating Palestine! I said

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