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The International Conference for Faylee Kurds

The International Conference for Faylee Kurds
--The Cry of the Oppressed --
Held on 2nd February, 2008 until 8th February, 2008
Under the slogan: No lost rights behind demands

The Closing Statement

The Faylee Kurds are ethnic groups of ancient peoples of the Middle East, who are part of the Kurdish people. They lived in the land of Kurdistan, which was divided between Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria.

A Funeral Agent

I am a funeral agent. I buried the dead, washed them before burial and after I finished bury them I perform prayers, as well as tribute to them. Having finished the buried very odious smell would come out from the graves.

The smell that emerged from their bodies and their graves were strong enough that you will be forced to close your nose and run away.

I knew from the strength of the smell that came from the air and from their graves how these unfortunate people had lived their lives.

MY Homeland - Ya Wattany

Oh Honey among all nations,
I chose that nothing preventing you from a planet among stars.
I was afraid you will die.
I chose my place in the open.
But I make your place in the heaven in the sky.
I sometimes flew high search for you in the sky.
I sometimes lost search for you between the stars and the sky.
And I am chronic to you, my mother country.

I lost myself among stars but I am still in the sky.
I am inflexible on my emotion.
And I am concerned on separation.
I am the hardest on my anxieties and alienation.
I threw all my writing here and there.

Rain and Dream


I am confused
I dream of these unknown drops
If dream was inside a drop
What will happen when it falls?
Different colours defused in one drop
Different shapes and different crops
For a while I refused to fall
Why am I not allowed to go high?
Am I not strong enough to live in the sky!
With a powerful mixture of
Sound, light, wind
I wish I could fly
But I can’t go against the nature’s law
Although I do not want to be down
I am only tiny drops falling


You have to think again
It is not the right time to fall
Be wise
And play your best game

Faylee Kurds and execution of tyrants

Hopes of mothers of victims of the Faylee Kurds will not be in vain. And the blood of their sons and their victims martyrs and the immortal brothers will not be in vain. A day rejoices by our mothers and sisters as rejoices our victims and all people died because of the bloody repression of Saddam in Iraq. Joy will spread to everyone in this blessed day. Because the execution of tyrant Saddam was in the same place, which thousands of young Faylee Kurds people had been killed and murdered.

The execution of Saddam, lessons and thoughts

After a long, arduous pursuit of the tyrant Saddam, he was arrested in a place against one of his palaces menial magnificent in Tikrit. Where get out of the pit. One of the American soldiers, making the head of Saddam under his shoes. This scene was painful for all of those who lived on oil coupons and all the beneficiaries of the government and the rule of Saddam Hussein. While dancing to the scene of every tyrant suffered from injustice and aggression and spite.

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